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Innovation Stories

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Software & Systems

Drivers of innovation

Which new business models can emerge from modern software Link

People & Collaboration

No one can do it alone

Innovating together with their customers: three brands, three people, three requirements. Link

People & Collaboration

“No one can stop a team.”

A conversation with TRATON GROUP CEO Andreas Renschler and COO Christian Levin. Link

Software & Systems

Plan E

A look at how electrification experts from MAN Transport Solutions advise fleet operators. Link

Software & Systems

Without a driver? Sure!

The Barkarby municipality prepares for the deployment of autonomous buses from Scania. Link

Software & Systems

Turn on the power!

Electric drives play a pivotal role for the TRATON GROUP in the transportation world of tomorrow. Link


Modularization as part of the DNA

Scania’s “Byggladan principle” of maximizing the number of common parts creates plenty of variants. Link